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Hockey Game

The sport ice hockey or ice hockey, in American English often just: hockey is a very intensive sport cheap nhl jerseys. The game goes up and down very quickly and a lot of physical contact is allowed. It sometimes seems unclear what the rules are, what is allowed and what is not allowed cheap composite field hockey sticks. The game often goes so fast that it is not easy to see what happens when you cannot follow rules and tactics in ice hockey so well history of canadian hockey jerseys. The exact origin of ice hockey is not always clear, just as with many sports, because the same forms of play often occur separately from each other. Montreal Canada is often mentioned when it comes to the occurrence of ice hockey. We will give you the necessary explanation on the site about how it will be played and we will explain the basic rules of ice hockey cheap jersey nhl paypal uk phone number. We base the rules on the most prestigious competition, the National Hockey League (NHL) in North America and best wholesale jersey site.

Ice hockey playing field and rules

Ice hockey is, as the name suggests, played on a surface of ice womens nhl jerseys from china. The playing field has a size of 60 by 30 meters, only in North America the playing field has a deviating dimension of 200 by 85 feet (61 by 26 meters). The playing field is divided into three areas with a goal on both sides with a size of 1.83 by 1.23. You have a defense zone with its own goal, there is an attack zone where the goal of the opponent is in and there is an area between the boxes which is called a neutral box cheap nhl merchandise uk athletics. An ice hockey match takes 3 x 20 minutes of pure play time. During the game there are 6 players from both teams on the ice. These are normally 1 goalie 2 defenders and 3 attackers. Because it is such an intensive sport, the entire race may be exchanged top nhl jerseys in history. The goalie is usually not changed. The game is played with a puck; this is a flat disc of vulcanized rubber of 2.5 cm thick and a diameter of 7.5 cm. The players have a stick with which they can move the puck cheap wholesale jerseys nhl wholesale hockey. Because it is a physical sport, the players are well protected, so the players have a helmet on, they have shin and elbow protection, gloves and a protection for chest and shoulders buy nhl jerseys australian news abc. The goalies are even better protected, they have a mask that protects the entire face with a throat protector underneath cheap hockey jerseys uk athletics site, they have leg protectors that protect almost the entire leg cheap nhl hockey jerseys ukraine history, they also have armor for the upper body and they have 2 gloves, 1 of which is a catching glove and cheap hockey jerseys to play the game.

Positions at Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is played with 6 to 6 players. Different players have different talents that are used to fill positions where to buy cheap hockey skates. In ice hockey is also frequently changed and there are special formation in a overturn situation or a downturn.

The basic positions in ice hockey are the following:

  • Goalie - This is the one who deserves the goal, the goalie must have a quick reaction 2018 nhl all star game score.
  • Left and right defender - The defenders are the last line for the goal. These are usually big strong players.
  • Center - The center is an attacking player and whatever the game distributor; the center is a complete player must be agile with the puck, good fit and shoot free shipping code for
  • Left Attacker - The player who attacks from the left flank.
  • Right Attacker - The player who attacks from the right flank; the left and right attackers are fast agile players licensed nhl jersey wholesalers corp.
  • Game of ice hockey

    The purpose of the ice hockey game is to make as many goals as possible and of course get as little as possible team canada hockey jerseys 2018. The game starts with a face-off. In case of a face-off, both teams have a player ready to take the puck when the referee brings the puck into play nhl men's jackets. If a goal is made or a foul is committed, another face-off follows. In the event of a violation, the place of the face-off can differ; this is determined by the place where the violation was committed.

    If the score is the same at the end of the game, an overtime period of 5 minutes will be played unless the competition rules have been agreed that a match can end in an equal game wholesale nhl jerseys reebok edge. The team that scores there then immediately wins the match. If there is no winner then a penalty shootout will follow best men's league hockey jerseys. A shootout is a penalty series, in which one attacker of one party against the goalie of the other party may attack in turn. The attacker may then skate towards goal from the center circle and try to score china wholesale jerseys usa.

    Ice hockey mistakes and fouls

    During the game there are a number of rules that the players must adhere to wholesale jerseys outlet If an error is made, a face-off usually follows, often on the side of the team that made the mistake. If a foul is committed by a player, that player receives a time penalty of 2 or 5 minutes depending on the severity of the offense and his team must play less with a man wholesale rugby apparel. If a team has a player more than one speaks of a power play. With the team fewer players on the ice, this is expressed as shorthanded (in the lower part).

    Violations of ice hockey

    Below an overview of the most common violations and mistakes in ice hockey:

  • Offside - If a player of the attacking team is in the attack zone when the puck is played in it, a face-off follows in the neutral box cheap authentic jerseys china wholesale.
  • Icing - If the puck from the defense zone is played over the back line of the opposing team, a face-off follows in the defense zone of the team that played the puck.
  • Tripping - When a player causes an opponent to stumble cheap china wholesale free shipping.
  • Holding - When a player holds an opponent.
  • Elbowing - When a player gives an elbow to an opponent.
  • Boarding - When a player intentionally (unnecessarily) pushes opponents against the boarding nike wholesale suppliers.
  • Slashing - When a player hits an opponent with his stick.
  • Hooking - When a player tries to slow down an opponent using his stick (hooks).
  • Cross checking - When a player with his stick in both hands gives an opponent a body check cheap jerseys 101.
  • Interference - If a player holds back an opponent where the puck is played before the puck reaches that player.
  • Charging - When a player takes a few steps or a jump before giving a counter-player a body check customize and buy jerseys online cheap.
  • Roughing - When a player is attacking an opponent too hard.
  • High sticking - When a player has his stick above the shoulders and from there a dangerous situation arises.
  • Fighting - When a fight occurs in a match where several blows fall.
  • Most violations are punished with a time penalty of 2 minutes. There is a time penalty of 5 minutes if there is the intention in the action to injure an opponent cheap jersey.
  • Ice hockey is a dynamic sport and has a number of important technical challenges. If you choose a sport such as ice hockey then you will have to make skating on hockey skates easy because agility and speed on the ice is crucial cheap jerseys elite shop. You may also need to buy USA hockey jerseys. From a good skating base, the technique with the stick and the finesse when shooting and scoring in the small target is important. Also the interaction, positioning and the blocking of opponents is all part of it.


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