NBA Rookie Rankings 2018, All-Star Break Edition

All-Star Break Edition

The All-Star break has arrived, so everyone has the time to catch their breath. This also gives us the time to look again at how the rookies are doing this year and who, according to us, is still (still) in the lead in the rookie rankings nba basketball jersey cheap. It is still going to be a hot fight. What we can certainly say is that we are dealing with a special group of rookies and best places to buy cheap jerseys. The hype was justified cheap authentic nba jerseys.


We are currently also expecting Ben Simmons to win the ROY Award, but his lead on the rest has become smaller nba jerseys cheap authentic. His 16 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists per game seem to be easily achievable figures for the rookie this year. His court vision is already at a level of the biggest and this seems to be improving. He and Joel Embiid are the face of the future of Philadelphia, where the Australian is the natural leader on the field and the team completely to his hand cheap throwback nba jerseys.

  • Where he still needs to grow is in the range of his shots. 54% of his shots are dunks or layups (382 of the 713 field goal attempt) and when we view his shot percentages we see a sharp fall between the restricted area (70 FG %), the paint (38 FG %) and mid-range (30%) cheap nba throwback jerseys. He shoots barely three points: only 10 attempts so far. This is also reflected in the number of free throws per game. He may only take a free throw on average 4.4 times per match and make 2.5. This amounts to 56 FT% throwback nba jerseys cheap. For someone who mainly needs his lay-ups and dunks, this should be better nba apparel sports for big men.


    The man who still seems to make the race exciting, Donovan Mitchell, keeps getting better every month. In contrast to Simmons, Spida is a natural scorer nba throwback jerseys cheap. He is the go-to guy of the Jazz who are still in the play-off battle, thanks to their winning story in which he wrote history by becoming the first rookie to be the leading scorer of a team during such a long series cheap nba authentic jerseys. The two games in which he scored more than 40 points indicate that he is the best attacking player of all rookies cheap nba jerseys wholesale. With 19.6 points, 3.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game, he is becoming a big man in Utah.

  • Donovan Mitchell, for example, goes from someone who did not really want to go to the NBA (he actually wanted to go back to Louisville) to someone who is going to make Ben Simmons very difficult in the race for ROY and the winner of the Dunk Contest. It can be authentic nba jerseys cheap.


    How Tatum has been up and running all season with a title candidate is still very handsome cheap wholesale nba jerseys. After the loss of Gordon Hayward he had to stand up rather than expected (although they will be very happy in Boston that the All-Star break is there). Now Tatum can also catch his breath wholesale basketball jersey. Although he is still an efficient player in the team, we also see a decline in statistics since January. Where he scored about 50 FG% in December, this decreased to 42 FG% in January and February. His three-pointers and the number of packed rebounds show the same trend nba jerseys cheap wholesale. His usage rate has risen so the question arises whether the critics will not be right that he is (now) only a good shooter nba authentic jerseys cheap. The Celtics are really going to need him in the playoffs and that role for a rookie is special. Unfortunately, in the race for Rookie of the year, he seems to have finally dropped out basketball jersey wholesale.


    This rookie class keeps records in the books. Markkanen was the fastest player ever to reach the limit of 100 three-pointers after only 41 games wholesale nba jerseys cheap. With this he broke the old record of Damian Lillard, who needed 44 games. The Finn shows that he has everything that the modern forward needs to have cheap nba wholesale jerseys. He has a good shot, can rebound and is amazingly athletic. You do not expect the latter when you see it for the first time. So after Dirk Nowitzki and Kristaps Porzingis we have another European forward that can make a furore in the NBA with cheap nba snapbacks china.


    Kyle Kuzma had actually surpassed him in this ranking, but where Kuzma's stats are decreasing, Dennis Smith Jr. the rising line again cheap jerseys nba authentic. Shooting is still problematic witnessing 39 FG% and 68 FT% but with 3.5 rebounds, 5.7 assists, 1.3 steals and 16 points per game since January they have something to look forward to in Dallas authentic cheap nba jerseys. Because of the rising line of Smith Jr. he gets just that advantage over Kuzma authentic nba cheap jerseys.

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